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Happy hours, lonely years

But I guess I can't complain

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Name:Arietta the Wild
Birthdate:Dec 15
Leaving me to spend my lonely nights
With dreams of yesterday...

Maturity: Do your duty without being supervised.
- Fortune cookie

idk, I'll be safe and go with post-Anise fight. 16. Always a Fon Guardian for Ion-sama and ♥ of her life. A fierce God General in her own right.


Name: Arietta

Age: 16

Point in canon: Up to her death.

Death count: Once in canon.

Birthday: Unknown, but mun strongly goes with December 5th.

Skills: A girl of the wild. She has a special ability to communicate with monsters and wild animals. Her artes are of that of a Fon Guardian.

Level: Level 30, but will train herself.

Equipment: None, but she does have her doll. As for the monsters...derp. She has to get some.

Nature: Gentle, adamant, brave, bold, modest

Likes: Dry foods, crackers, pasta, noodles, apples, juice, animals, wilderness

Dislikes: Has no dislikes...she's not fond of chocolate or candy or anything high in sugar.

Random fact: It was never said how she got the Fon Master's hat and pendant in that duel, but she has the pendant hanging around her neck to serve her as a reminder of her life's purpose.
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